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Posted on June 23, 2015 in Interviews, TV, Online

Jessica Lowndes stirred up serious trouble for her co-stars Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in Lifetime’s “A Deadly Adoption” as an obsessive fan looking for revenge. The “90210” star spoke to FOX411 about filming the Lifetime movie of a lifetime. 

FOX411: You’ve done Lifetime movies before but there was major buzz around this one due to Will and Kristen’s involvement.  Do you know why they wanted to do the TV movie?

Jessica Lowndes: I know that this was Will’s brainchild and it was something that he wanted to do, and other than that I don’t really know. I got the offer and initially I thought I was being punked, and I was expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out of the closet even if the first day of filming I wasn’t sure. But I was so excited and given some of the work I’ve done in the past it’s obvious that I respond to these hyper charged, over-the-top dramatic scenes that I can really sink my teeth into and to have the opportunity to do it with my favorite actors of all time was a dream come true because I got to make out with Will Ferrell and wrestle Kristen Wiig.  

FOX411: What was it like to make out with Will?

Lowndes: It was amazing and bizarre and surreal. I think surreal would be the word to sum up this entire experience, but there was a moment when I looked at him and I looked at him and thought, “Wow, I am making out with Elf with a beard.” 

FOX411: You wrote on Twitter that this movie was not a joke, but certain parts were more over-the-top that a usual Lifetime movie. Was there an element of parody?

Lowndes: This was played 100 percent straight and I think with anything comedic, though the more the actor cares about the character, or something, the funnier it appears to be, but this was not intended to be a comedy, and we all played it entirely straight. I was actually really surprised to see how determined Will was to keep it as real and serious at all time. That’s not to say there weren’t moments between takes when we were laughing, especially when he was telling me I was a strange girl. It was hard for me to hold it together. 

FOX411: Was it a bigger budget production because of the A-list names attached?

Lowndes: Ultra low-budget. I think it was even lower than any other Lifetime movie’s budget, and it was great because of that it had a summer camp vibe. The shoot was about a month. Pretty quick and I signed a non-disclosure so I wasn’t allowed to talk about it, which was the hardest thing about this whole process because secret movies are really hard. My friends would be asking where I was going and I’m like I’m filming something that I can’t talk about, so I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about it and that people have been able to see it.

FOX411: You’re most known for your role on “90210” but you’re also a singer/songwriter.

Lowndes: I have been playing piano since I was five and I think I wrote my first song when I was nine years old and I love it. It’s something that I do when I’m not filming, I’m in the studio creating and writing. So, the last single that came out was “Silicone in Stereo” and I wrote it about some of my experiences in LA and it’s about staying true to yourself and not getting consumed by this crazy world, and yeah I’ve got some new music coming out this summer and some films out this Fall.

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